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Sea Glass Earrings

green seaglassEven though it is Winter here in Prince Edward Island and we have snow on the ground it is also a great time to go beachcombing and find sea glass.  Over the past two days we have ventured out and found what I would say are some good quality pieces.  
green beachglass earringsI have been in the studio drilling glass for earrings and I broke my first piece of sea glass.  No big deal, it wasn’t blue or red but it was a perfect match for a pair of earrings I had picked them out for.  knotted wire seaglass earringsMatching sea glass for earrings is very time consuming and takes a lot of patients and time, something I have in the Winter months as our little shop doesn’t see too much business. You are not only matching size but colour and shape.  Seeing it is Christmas I put out the open sign for two days last week and had a few drop ins from Islanders who have family home from away. I have everything I need scattered all around me when I work and I wonder if it looks messy to people who drop by or if it looks like I was working.    

white sea glass earringsLast night I finished up these earrings. Most of them are all seaglass that I drilled with the exception of one pair of bead earrings.  The earrings are hung onto photos of PEI. These photos are in the studio and are used in “My Island Experience” when travellers stop by to scrapbook. hammered wire beaded earringsI wire wrap and I have found I also like to hammer wire so this is my first pair of earrings that I made by flattening out the wire and then punching a whole in one end for the earring hook.  If you notice white fuzz on the earrings when you click on the picture to enlarge it, don’t worry this comes off, I like to have a 12 x 12 swatch of alpaca on my work surface so things don’t roll away when I’m working.  


I’ll be bagging these up today and getting them ready to price. Thank you for stopping by my blog on sea glass earrings I hope you drop by again.

~ Seaglass cindy