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Sea Glass Lamp

Sea Glass Lamp

thrift store lampthrift lampA number of days ago I visited our local ReStore and purchased this lamp. 

I wanted to make a Sea Glass Lamp and so we start with taking all the material off the lamp.

Then removing all the glue, what a job that was, FYI if you plan to make one of these buy a new lamp shade without any material on it from a craft and hobby shop.

thifted a lamp to make it into sea glasssea glassThe next step was collecting sea glass. My bh got excited thinking we were going beachcombing in January on a day -5 no not this one. Its not like I had to go to the beach to make this seaglass lamp as I have a personal collection.  

But if you plan to make a lamp with seaglass you will need a number of sizes and shapes. Sea Glass can be found on the shores of Prince Edward Island but if you are not vacationing here just yet and you are in a hurry to make your lamp, you can purchase seaglass on the internet but it is becoming expensive as it is getting harder to find.

wirewrapped seaglass lampI then wirewrapped a number of pieces with a toggle at both ends so I had something to secure the wire to.  Cindy wire wrapping a sea glass lampI started wirewrapping then realized the glass needed to have a wire netting behind to hold it into place so I weaved wire one way then another to make a box pattern with the wire.



sea glass lampI’m making this lamp to go into a bedroom we just redecorated in our Bed and Breakfast.  It is going to be a nice touch as the room is decorated with a nautical theme and a closer look you will see antique glass dishes filled with sea glass, an old barn wood mirror accented with seaglass and drift wood and now a sea glass lamp will sit on the end table. I just have to decorate the base with sea glass and driftwood. 



The Finished Sea Glass Lamp

beachglass and seaglass on a lamp shade

The Lamp Lit Up

seaglass lamp light at night


I’m shutting out the light now, it is late and after three days the lamp is almost complete. I will add driftwood and sea shells to the base and then it is on display.

Thanks for stopping by my craft project with sea glass, visit again to see what the next seaglass craft will be.

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Take care my friend ~ seaglass cindy