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sea glass in P.E.I.                                   

Mermaid’s (Tear) Wrapped Seaglass Pendant


Just for a Tear

North Shore beachcombingThe shores of Prince Edward Island were a little frozen when we beachcombed yesterday. However, I had to have that first piece of seaglass to wire wrap for a New Year’s Pendant.

December 31, 2011, our way to bring in the New Year.

This is our beachcombing beach on the north shore of PEI, notice the ice on the tops of the rocks? Ya! no kidding the North Shore was fabulous and the winds were about 10 knots, gorgeous day if you were dressed for it.




One tear cried onto the shore.

Winter sea glass findsAs I’m walking the beach this rolled up in front of me. I felt like I was serving as a valet parking attendant at the Ritz and a Rolls-Royce had just pulled up for me to pick up. One Mermaid’s Tear, a beautiful piece of seaglass – was there a subliminal message here? I think so, “quick pick it up” I heard yelling from the back of my head.





Lots of colour found today.

Rare orange seaglass

 These seaglass shards complete my collection of finds for the day.  Notice the orange piece of seaglass?  I looked up West Coast Sea Glass, they have a poster marking the rarest of all pieces.  What a journey a piece of sea glass makes until it arrives in hand.  




Sea Glass 2012

seaglass for New Year's Day

 For a closer look 

Sea glass wire wrapped

 I incorporated a twisted square wire

wire wrapped seaglass with beads

 A few Swarovski crystals are added to the top of the bail 

the bail to hang from a chain

 Excited about Sea Glass

The seaglass bail to hang from a chain

 A picture from the top

Finished sea glass pendant

 The End!

Thank you for stopping by my post on Mermaid’s (Tear) Wrapped Seaglass Pendant.  I hope you enjoyed the walk / glass / wrap. Wishing you all the best as we start the New Year, happy wrapping.

~ seaglass cindy

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5 Responses to “Mermaid’s (Tear) Wrapped Seaglass Pendant”

  1. Very impressive! Love it! I want to know a/ which beach, b/ when the classes start!

  2. Janus Wilson says:

    A nice piece of sea glass and a lovely wrapping job. Way to start the new year.

  3. BetteJo says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any kind of pendants wrapped the way you do them. Very pretty!

  4. Ginette Roy says:

    Congratulations for this fabulous pendant. I am just starting having fun with wire wrapping and don’t know if I will ever get as good as you doing it. Keep up your wonderful work. Ginette – Québec – Canada

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Thank you Genette,
      I remember my first piece of wire wrapped sea glass, I still have it kicking around somewhere, I thought it was a piece of sea glass turns out it was a clear rock. The wrapping, wow, when I look at it now but hey that was back then, practice makes wonderful pieces.

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