Seaglassing & Wire Wrapping

sea glass in P.E.I.                                   

Buy the Sea Glass of PEI

beach glassIn PEI we offer miles and miles of walking shoreline for beach combing. Beachcombing  can be a special hobby for some and a business for other. I have a number of beautiful genuine pieces of Sea Glass or beach glass from PEI that I have wrapped with wire and made into pendants.
What can I “wire wrap” for you? Bring it in the shop and I’ll teach you to wire wrap that special piece for you.

Everyone has a collection of one thing or another, and perhaps;
You are a top of the dresser, back  pocket, sandy beach or sparkly things collector? Do you know?seaglass washed onto the beaches
Do you walk the beach in search of sharks teeth, sea glass or beach glass and unshapely shells?
Perhaps you have a China plate on your dresser filled with pretty stones from your last vacation?
Rare orange seaglassMaybe you carry lucky junk in your pocket like a coin, marble, stone or safety pin.
Do you appreciate ity bity things with large sentimental value?
Do you save tokens, clips, bright buttons, and tiny items?

If you said yes to any or all then I can help you turn your treasures into wearable’s or gifts to give to family, friends or as souvenirs from PEI. During the summer months our little gift shop turns into a great spot for a workshop, stop by and try your hand at a wire wrap. Visit soon and take part in one of My Island Experiences, be it a full day (beachcombing), a half day (tea/tour/craft) or a half an hour (wire wrapping seaglass) there is fun for everyone.
Wire is a versatile material and twists easily. It is strong enough to hold all your cherished items that you can wear and be admired by many.
Here at the Island Made gift shop I use a variety of coloured wire or gold filled, copper and sterling silver to wrap your cherished pieces secure.
Come have a look at a few I have done that sit in our shop ready to wear.

Finished sea glass pendant

wire wrapped teal sea glass with crystals

Jadeite seaglass wrapped

 wire wrapped piece of jadeite found in Souris, PEI

white seaglass from PEI

Silver wrapped piece of clear sea glass found on our beaches of PEI

A white round piece of sea glass

A white nugget piece of sea glass

This is a sea glass focal pendent just waiting for a chain

green sea glass wire wrapped

This piece is a favourite of mine found in Tea Hill, PEI

I hope to see you this summer for a little Island Fun



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4 Responses to “Buy the Sea Glass of PEI”

  1. wendy says:

    I LOVE your sea glass pendants! I wish I were closer so I could take your class in how to wrap objects! Do you sell your pendants on-line anywhere? :O) Have a great day!

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Thank you for the wonderful compliments on my sea glass. I’m sorry to say I don’t have an on-line store. Others have found something they like and emailed me and I wrapped it up and dropped it into the mail to them. Thanks again 🙂

  2. BetteJo says:

    Have you ever written about how you learned to do this?

  3. Lana says:

    LOVE this! Wire wrapped sea glass. Have visited PEI many, many summers and have found some of our own sea glass and pottery shards. Would love to know where you are located on the island and if we might be able to visit while we are there this summer, if both of our schedules jive?

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