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Sea Glass Pirates

We are still beachcombing for sea glass. Today as we sit at Panara Bread and use the internet I have to tell you that the Cheese Broccoli soup is slap your mamma good!   Headed to the Aquarium, The Pirates Museum, and Shipwreck Museum along with visiting one of the oldest grave sites around this area.  Arrr! these pirates are in search of SeaGlass

Maybe today we will be landlocked and we will have to look at old pictures of sea glass instead of searching.  Having a grand day.

Happy New Year, Cindy

Sea Glass Collected for Production

I love taking pictures of SEa Glass.

This collection is for my next production


seaglass cindy

Making Jump Rings

We are having a bit of cool weather so I’m going to stick to in-door work today. Grandpa is outside working on a bench for the Grand-children. It’s to cold for me so I’ll stay inside and get some work done. I’ve been tinkering with one thing or another just making one piece of jewellery or another but never finishing off any one piece. 

First I’ll need to make a few jump rings to go with the piece I”m making. You can use anything you want for jump rings in fact as you see I scrambled out the back door to check on grandpa and borrowed a drill bit out of his drill box. The other larger size is a piece of  wooden dowel that belongs to the grand-children’s play doh set and is for rolling the dough.

With a closer look you can see that I tightly wire wrapped the wire around the drill bit and then pulled it off keeping the coil together. I then took my wire cutters and cut individual rings one after the other until I had a good number of them cut to finish my necklace.




I just need to say I got the piece done and it is a choker. Looks lovely as I did a viking knot stitch around a beautiful piece of light green sea glass then made my links and attached then with the jump rings I just finished.

Here are the links, I made large ones and smaller ones

Now I need to move on to other pieces that I’ve started and didn’t finish

I should pick one day out of the week and reserve that day for catching up. I love to create and when I get a new idea I go with it. That said I have many pieces that need some finishing touches.

Have a great day, Seaglass Cindy