Seaglassing & Wire Wrapping

sea glass in P.E.I.                                   

Beachcombing my way

Come to think of it the ice has just left some inlets on Prince Edward Island, so it must be time to go Beachcombing. 

There is just something about the Beach that attracts an old Seaglunker like myself to the sea.

It could be the sound of the waves. I hardly think so, it must be the seaglass treasures that wash up on the shore.

PEI has many beaches, however the seaglass beaches are becoming few and far between.  I remember, it would be a few years back now, but we could sit in the shallow shores and with every wave that came in so did a piece of seaglass. Now, when I walk the beach we often stop to talk to others. You know the others, they are the seaglunkers like myself that don’t want to admit to being out after the same treasures that you are longing for yourself.  I’ve heard it all now, some say: “ah it’s good past time”,  or “we do this for our health”, some let on that “No, not looking for anything just getting some exercise”, while others say, “I collected it but throw it back when I find it”.   Today if someone asked me why I was on the beach, I’d say I was looking for inner peace and reflecting on the family’s and runners of the Boston Marathon who suffered injury from a senseless bombing. 

If you are walking on the beaches in PEI chances are you have your arms crossed behind your back, your head it down and you are passing back and forth like your looking for something, and that would be seaglass. These guys have become  quite the hunters of sea glass. Often MJ will sit down, we might have been fooled a few years ago thinking she is tired but now we know she has found a piece of seaglass. Usually 9 chances out of 10 when we walk over to her there is a piece within a foot of where she is. It is pretty bad when you beachcomb so often that your dogs know what you are looking for and try and help you out. 

Braxton is on the lookout.

This is the Bride’s Seaglass Necklace I priced and put on the shelf today

I’ve taken to doing a little different style of wire wrapping called a Viking Knit, I like it.


A simple Seafoam Seaglass Pendant 

This pink nugget made for a lovely pendant 

Kelly Green Seaglass has got to be my favourite all time colour to wire wrap into a pendant

I haven’t decided to price this Cobalt Blue piece yet, I’m not ready to part with it yet,  I think!

This was a fun piece of seaglass to wire wrap, clear and fancy free

 Well that is it. These days I’m waiting for the nicer weather, organizing the gift shop and working on opening my Etsy Shop.  I’ll have more to say on that later when I get a few more numbers added.  
Do you get the chance to walk the beach where you live?

Have a good week, Cindy 

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  1. BetteJo says:

    Beach? Lake Michigan? Not often. And I have a feeling you’re more likely to find garbage than pretty sea glass but then again – I don’t really go.
    Checked out your Etsy shop – looks like you’re off to a nice start! And I wish I’d known – I would have asked you how to do those boutonnieres when my daughter got married! The ones we made didn’t last the night. 🙂

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