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Seaglass Sensation

I’ve been away from my blog and my seaglass and thought I’d give you a brief update just to what has kept me away.

S = Surrounding myself with grandchildren who missed me while I was away.

E = Etsy “New” an Etsy Shop that I so enjoyed building and now I have to find to add to the few items I have  listed, so much fun.

A = Attending hospital visits with my son after his motorcycle accident.

G = Grandma’s Tea Room, getting the little last minute menu items perfected.

L = Looking at the long list of things I have to do yet.

A = Agriculture, yup, rotor-tilling my daughters new garden bed.

S = Sale, my first sale happened on Etsy only 2 days ago and is shipped. I have been making corsages and paper book roses.  Oh speaking of shipping, I need to order tea… back to the G= Grandma’s Tea Room. 

S = Shopping for Victoria’s Wedding Shower Gift this Saturday.  No it isn’t Seaglass, she isn’t a fan of.


Sneak Peek at the Necklace I made to go with my dress for Victoria’s Wedding 

It will match perfectly with my new shoes and dress.

Enjoy your days beachcombing, today won’t be one of those days unless I were to make a seaglass umbrella to hold over my head, lol.


Seaglass Cindy


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  1. I can hardly wait to see the full dress ensemble with the necklace.

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      If you like, I can put it on this afternoon and we can turn the radio up loud and I’ll ask you for a dance.

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