Seaglassing & Wire Wrapping

sea glass in P.E.I.                                   

Black Sea Glass

I’ve been trying out a different wire wrapping technique

Black wire wrapped sea glass necklace


The colour is dark, so dark it looks black however it is dark olive green.

While walking the shore of my Prince Edward Island home and contemplating the amount of gardening work needed to get down this week I stumbled across this amazing piece of seaglass.  

Learning of it’s origin and colour intrigued me to read up on the rhum runner days and the bootlegging days of PEI.  During the 1930’s The Dicks brothers lived in Georgetown and smuggled thousands of kegs from the French Islands of St. Pierre you can visit a commemorative stone carving here done by Abe Waterman who stone carved the story of the schooner.  The stone has three sides and each is carved and it sits today in MacDonald gardens right next to the Kings Playhouse.

Black rum runner seaglass

Sorry I got off in a tangent, meanwhile before my thoughts carried me some 80 years past, I reached for this piece and my imagination ran away with the journey this dark bottle was on before it landed ashore. 

 I hope you enjoyed.

Today it is raining, a good day to keep me inside and get the Island Made gift shop organized or list a couple a more items on my Etsy ScrapNWrap Shop. 


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4 Responses to “Black Sea Glass”

  1. Cheryl Chamberlain says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I love the wrapping on this dark green piece- you do amazing work- you are so creative! We head to PEI June 3rd, staying until July 5th. See you soon!

  2. Cyndi says:

    Beautiful piece Cindy! You know I love your wrapping! We are looking forward to another visit with the two of you this summer, maybe this year we will all get out for dinner. Very excited that your tea room was named as one of the best in all of Canada, but then those of us who have been there knew that. Keep those scones warm for us, Gregg and I will be heading over as soon as we reach the island.

  3. BetteJo says:

    Beautiful piece Cindy!

  4. You have done a splendid job there. The silver design and wrapping compliments the black sea glass perfectly.

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