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Farmers Market Jewellery Displays

Finding interesting displays for your homemade jewellery at a farmers market or even in your store can bee a little overwhelming. A display should get someones attention but not so much that it takes the attention off of what you wish to display.

I’ve looked high and low for some interesting pieces and shapes and have come up with a couple.

First, I like white instead of black it just brightens up a well lite table even in the evening so I try and find objects such as china plates, shells, and mirrors.

Plaster Coral

Coral Plaster Jewellery Holder


Shells I picked of the beach in Prince Edward Island

Spray painted shell display


These shells have mini shells glued under for feet and I’ve spray painted them with a metallic gold spray pain

Shell Jewellery Display


I hope these little tips come in handy for your own jewellery displays.

I also hope this means I’m getting back to blogging,

bye for now,