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Buy the Sea Glass of PEI

beach glassIn PEI we offer miles and miles of walking shoreline for beach combing. Beachcombing  can be a special hobby for some and a business for other. I have a number of beautiful genuine pieces of Sea Glass or beach glass from PEI that I have wrapped with wire and made into pendants.
What can I “wire wrap” for you? Bring it in the shop and I’ll teach you to wire wrap that special piece for you.

Everyone has a collection of one thing or another, and perhaps;
You are a top of the dresser, back  pocket, sandy beach or sparkly things collector? Do you know?seaglass washed onto the beaches
Do you walk the beach in search of sharks teeth, sea glass or beach glass and unshapely shells?
Perhaps you have a China plate on your dresser filled with pretty stones from your last vacation?
Rare orange seaglassMaybe you carry lucky junk in your pocket like a coin, marble, stone or safety pin.
Do you appreciate ity bity things with large sentimental value?
Do you save tokens, clips, bright buttons, and tiny items?

If you said yes to any or all then I can help you turn your treasures into wearable’s or gifts to give to family, friends or as souvenirs from PEI. During the summer months our little gift shop turns into a great spot for a workshop, stop by and try your hand at a wire wrap. Visit soon and take part in one of My Island Experiences, be it a full day (beachcombing), a half day (tea/tour/craft) or a half an hour (wire wrapping seaglass) there is fun for everyone.
Wire is a versatile material and twists easily. It is strong enough to hold all your cherished items that you can wear and be admired by many.
Here at the Island Made gift shop I use a variety of coloured wire or gold filled, copper and sterling silver to wrap your cherished pieces secure.
Come have a look at a few I have done that sit in our shop ready to wear.

Finished sea glass pendant

wire wrapped teal sea glass with crystals

Jadeite seaglass wrapped

 wire wrapped piece of jadeite found in Souris, PEI

white seaglass from PEI

Silver wrapped piece of clear sea glass found on our beaches of PEI

A white round piece of sea glass

A white nugget piece of sea glass

This is a sea glass focal pendent just waiting for a chain

green sea glass wire wrapped

This piece is a favourite of mine found in Tea Hill, PEI

I hope to see you this summer for a little Island Fun



Sea Glass Lamp

Sea Glass Lamp

thrift store lampthrift lampA number of days ago I visited our local ReStore and purchased this lamp. 

I wanted to make a Sea Glass Lamp and so we start with taking all the material off the lamp.

Then removing all the glue, what a job that was, FYI if you plan to make one of these buy a new lamp shade without any material on it from a craft and hobby shop.

thifted a lamp to make it into sea glasssea glassThe next step was collecting sea glass. My bh got excited thinking we were going beachcombing in January on a day -5 no not this one. Its not like I had to go to the beach to make this seaglass lamp as I have a personal collection.  

But if you plan to make a lamp with seaglass you will need a number of sizes and shapes. Sea Glass can be found on the shores of Prince Edward Island but if you are not vacationing here just yet and you are in a hurry to make your lamp, you can purchase seaglass on the internet but it is becoming expensive as it is getting harder to find.

wirewrapped seaglass lampI then wirewrapped a number of pieces with a toggle at both ends so I had something to secure the wire to.  Cindy wire wrapping a sea glass lampI started wirewrapping then realized the glass needed to have a wire netting behind to hold it into place so I weaved wire one way then another to make a box pattern with the wire.



sea glass lampI’m making this lamp to go into a bedroom we just redecorated in our Bed and Breakfast.  It is going to be a nice touch as the room is decorated with a nautical theme and a closer look you will see antique glass dishes filled with sea glass, an old barn wood mirror accented with seaglass and drift wood and now a sea glass lamp will sit on the end table. I just have to decorate the base with sea glass and driftwood. 



The Finished Sea Glass Lamp

beachglass and seaglass on a lamp shade

The Lamp Lit Up

seaglass lamp light at night


I’m shutting out the light now, it is late and after three days the lamp is almost complete. I will add driftwood and sea shells to the base and then it is on display.

Thanks for stopping by my craft project with sea glass, visit again to see what the next seaglass craft will be.

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Take care my friend ~ seaglass cindy


Mermaid’s (Tear) Wrapped Seaglass Pendant


Just for a Tear

North Shore beachcombingThe shores of Prince Edward Island were a little frozen when we beachcombed yesterday. However, I had to have that first piece of seaglass to wire wrap for a New Year’s Pendant.

December 31, 2011, our way to bring in the New Year.

This is our beachcombing beach on the north shore of PEI, notice the ice on the tops of the rocks? Ya! no kidding the North Shore was fabulous and the winds were about 10 knots, gorgeous day if you were dressed for it.




One tear cried onto the shore.

Winter sea glass findsAs I’m walking the beach this rolled up in front of me. I felt like I was serving as a valet parking attendant at the Ritz and a Rolls-Royce had just pulled up for me to pick up. One Mermaid’s Tear, a beautiful piece of seaglass – was there a subliminal message here? I think so, “quick pick it up” I heard yelling from the back of my head.





Lots of colour found today.

Rare orange seaglass

 These seaglass shards complete my collection of finds for the day.  Notice the orange piece of seaglass?  I looked up West Coast Sea Glass, they have a poster marking the rarest of all pieces.  What a journey a piece of sea glass makes until it arrives in hand.  




Sea Glass 2012

seaglass for New Year's Day

 For a closer look 

Sea glass wire wrapped

 I incorporated a twisted square wire

wire wrapped seaglass with beads

 A few Swarovski crystals are added to the top of the bail 

the bail to hang from a chain

 Excited about Sea Glass

The seaglass bail to hang from a chain

 A picture from the top

Finished sea glass pendant

 The End!

Thank you for stopping by my post on Mermaid’s (Tear) Wrapped Seaglass Pendant.  I hope you enjoyed the walk / glass / wrap. Wishing you all the best as we start the New Year, happy wrapping.

~ seaglass cindy

Sea Glass Earrings

green seaglassEven though it is Winter here in Prince Edward Island and we have snow on the ground it is also a great time to go beachcombing and find sea glass.  Over the past two days we have ventured out and found what I would say are some good quality pieces.  
green beachglass earringsI have been in the studio drilling glass for earrings and I broke my first piece of sea glass.  No big deal, it wasn’t blue or red but it was a perfect match for a pair of earrings I had picked them out for.  knotted wire seaglass earringsMatching sea glass for earrings is very time consuming and takes a lot of patients and time, something I have in the Winter months as our little shop doesn’t see too much business. You are not only matching size but colour and shape.  Seeing it is Christmas I put out the open sign for two days last week and had a few drop ins from Islanders who have family home from away. I have everything I need scattered all around me when I work and I wonder if it looks messy to people who drop by or if it looks like I was working.    

white sea glass earringsLast night I finished up these earrings. Most of them are all seaglass that I drilled with the exception of one pair of bead earrings.  The earrings are hung onto photos of PEI. These photos are in the studio and are used in “My Island Experience” when travellers stop by to scrapbook. hammered wire beaded earringsI wire wrap and I have found I also like to hammer wire so this is my first pair of earrings that I made by flattening out the wire and then punching a whole in one end for the earring hook.  If you notice white fuzz on the earrings when you click on the picture to enlarge it, don’t worry this comes off, I like to have a 12 x 12 swatch of alpaca on my work surface so things don’t roll away when I’m working.  


I’ll be bagging these up today and getting them ready to price. Thank you for stopping by my blog on sea glass earrings I hope you drop by again.

~ Seaglass cindy

I’ll take that wire wrapped

I’ll take that wire wrapped:

jade green sea glassSea Glass stands out as a gorgeous pendant, it is warm, bursts of energy, expressing strength from the sea.  I love sea glass, and  it is a passion for me to wire wrap.  I’m lifted by the soothing energy that comes from finding a piece of sea glass to wire wrapping the piece and then selling it.

This Kelly Green piece is a true eye catcher, found on the beaches of PEI and handcrafted into a pendant.  I used around 15 inches of 20 gauge wire to wrap tightly around the piece to secure it and then dropped down the other side with the wire. I looped twice around the tip then ending at the top to make a loop to hang it on a chain.

During your vacation to Prince Edward Island when you are out beachcombing be sure to look for pieces of sea glass.  Return to the studio and I’ll teach you to wire wrap your treasure.


 Recently I received an email that was inspirational it reads,

Dear Cindy,

Your beach glass is so pretty. And I especially appreciate the recycling aspect of your creations. A gift from the sea!



 Thank you for stopping by my first post on wire wrapping. I hope you will stop by another day and see what treasures can be wrapped.

~ Cindy XXX