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News and what‘s new about seaglassing. Posts of events, happenings, workshops or I might even post about using a favourite tool.
Along the Prince Edward Island shores we find shards of seaglass and wire wrap them into treasured gifts.
Walking beside the ocean, hearing the waves, looking downward, picking what man has left behind and what nature has tumbled. Once sand now glass, once raw now wrapped, was mine, now yours.

Sea glass - beach glass - mermaid's tears - gems of the sea

Beach Combing in Portsmouth

We are making progress, slowly making out way to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Yes, we are beachcombing along the way and we found some interesting places in Portsmouth today.

This is a long nugget I found and wire wrapped today along with a few other pieces while grandpa drove from beach to beach.  I must say Rye’s Beach in the Hampton’s is and will be one of my favourite places to visit. 







Some of the beaches had the right kind of pebbles but the wrong kind of glass. These pieces are the kind, you pick up, toss over your shoulder while you say, “some day you will be ready to come back to me.” Not all sea glass is smooth and rounded from the continual rolling off the waves back and forth over sand and stone.




We arrived at Odiome Point state Park another spot we stop at and beachcomb on our way down the coast. This time we didn’t find any sea glass worth keeping, so grandpa decided to take a few pictures. The beach has all changed, it is very rocky now and there are sure signs of Hurricane Sandy. Although the sand on the beach is as white as snow and it was a cold day this beach had 4 beachcombers, 3 bathing beauties, and 3 dog walkers…a busy spot and a beautiful day. I found the sand so white I couldn’t help but to show off a wire wrapping I had done earlier in the day.


I come to find out that this awesome looking house across from Kittery Point is that of a lighhouse keepers residence. There used to be a road off the point to the house and the road was washed away years ago and the house is in major need of repair. I met up with an elderly grey haired man who put his hand to his ear as a jester for me to speak up each time he heard my mouth open. He told me he had been in this house years ago and continued to say, it’s a shame, all oak wood working and all.” Then shared with me that the house is going to be restored soon.  Of all the times we have been here we have never visited the historical downtown which apparently features some unique architectural designs that were created after 244 houses and buildings burned and were rebuilt only allowed material to be used were stone and slate.

Today was a beautiful day and we got in some extra driving and are now in Boston at rush hour and that isn’t any fun.  We cleaned our small seaglass collection from the last few days and are going to sit in front of the DVD player and see if we can match any up for earrings while we watch a movie tonight. I brought my drill bits and drill with me so I could drill the sea glass if I found any to become earrings. Come to mention it I think I brought just about everything with me, lol. You would be surprised at how much can fit in an RV. gramdpa was telling Jennifer on Skype last night that I packed even the air space.


Finally I’d like to share with you a small collection of inukshuk I found while sitting on a rock looking across at the old lighthouse and keepers residence. These almost tell a story, imagine each time this lonely person returns to this spot without his loved one he builds a  inukshuk because that is what they used to do years ago. I took a picture of a few of them but I didn’t count the ??? that lay around staring over the rock at the ocean waves crashing into the shore.





Have a wonderful weekend, oh did I tell you Boston is sure a busy place.


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  • BetteJo says:

    Inukshuk? Off to google it now!

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    Sea glass & Red

    My home surrounds me with things I enjoy most.  That takes in things I like to: wear, eat, see, smell  and craft. That said you know where my posts are going, well most of them might be going to crafting at my Scrap N wrap blog where I talk about beachcombing, wirewrapping and scrapbooking. Then other posts will come from my Hats’n Hospitalitea blog where I talk about our tea room, tourism, family, fun times and places in Prince Edward Island. So I hope you enjoy the home party that Sandi has created.

    HOME = Heart Of My Enviroment #1

    Recently home from a two week beachcombing vacation and I have lots of goodies to share.  First and foremost I love red, be it a sweater on a chilly day, wine in a nice glass, a red sky at night, but most of all I love red seaglass. I know you can’t see my pouting but I found but a grain of red sea glass on this last trip to the beach. I know, I know better a grain than a crumb. 





    However I needed red and so I took red wire and made a weave then pulled it through a drilled hole and made the weave smaller and unique. I had to include sea glass and found this lovely white piece that was a nice size chunk, added some red wire and swarovski crystals and vola, it’s a wrap ready for the gift shop.  I’ve got a blue piece in the making and that is what I’ll share next.

    Do you have something you would like to share? You are welcome to share anything pertaining to your HOME such as 

    Cooking and baking, recipes, antiquing, home decor, ceramics, crafts, crocheting/knitting, quilting/sewing, floral arranging, gardening, homemaking tips, hospitality, refinishing furniture, renos, tea time, tablescapes, thrifting etc…. Maybe there’s a new baby in the family or you have a new fur baby you would like to introduce us to. They are welcome too!  Anything and everything which makes your HOME more enjoyable to come HOME to, for your family, your friends, and yourself.

    Enjoying life, and the colour red today, Cindy


  • Sharene says:

    I have just come across your site and love it. I have collect small bits of sea glass the last few years but decided this year to find more. I live in Ontario so my glass comes from Lake Ontario. I have found over twenty pounds of sea glass so far since May 2012 and have started making jewellery. I find white browns and greens some dark blue and sea foam even some red . Not sure if I will find much this winter.

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Hi Sharene,
      Thanks for stopping by. Beachcombing can be very addictive and not to mention I have my husband and friends all doing it also. Some day we will visit Lake Ontario as I have a friend Cheryl who lives and hunts that area and she has brought some of her sea glass to Prince Edward Island to show me, amazing stuff. The winter can be slow but use that time to make jewellery, take care

      • Sharene says:

        Hi Cindy, finally found my message I sent you last year. I am still collecting sea glass from Lake Ontario and have started selling it. It has not been a good year as the lake is quite high from all the rain, as the water is high a lot of the beaches I normally collect from are now covered with water, not sure when the water level will go down. Still collected some really nice ones.

        Want to head down east for some more Sea Glass Beaches but just now not sure where.

  • Cindy, you do the most beautiful work. This one is really unique and I Iike that you added Swarovski crystals to it as well. Have a great weekend. Pam

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Thank you Pamela,
      I can’t wait until you see my next blog post on Viking knit I’ve been trying something new, fun.

  • Sandi says:

    Hello Cindy,
    Welcome to my HOME party! Your jewelery is very pretty and I love the red sea glass! You know I have never seen red sea glass on the beach and I practically live there in the summertime. I guess the tourists and folks like yourself are picking it all up before I get there. Thank you for linking up for HOME and enjoy your weekend.


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    Scrapbooked Album Cover


    Every year  customers come into the shop and the question I get asked most often is, “do you have any albums of PEI?”  Last year I covered a number of 12×12 album with a handmade paper covering the album with different medium.

    It was a hit with the pictures of the lighthouse, lupin and walking on the beach, cut out paper shells, a hand written poem I made, and the many beach related punches of a lobster, shell, crab, anchor, seagull, starfish and a couple of stickers, I also like to use hemp to tie things up and sew in a sun.

    Sorry the picture isn’t as clear as I’d like, but I left the album in the plastic sleeve when taking the picture.


    That is all on scrapbooking a beach album cover, I hope you enjoyed my cover.



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    Sea Foam Sea Glass

    I knew it, I knew it… was going to be a good day today especially when I find something as nice as this seaglass. Yup, I was doing a happy dance on the beach when this little gem stared up at me. I bent down and snapped it up quick before the next wave swallowed this special piece of sea foam sea glass.

     Grandpa and I have locked up the gift shop and changed the message on the phone to say, ” sorry we missed your call but we’ve gone beachcombing.”

    We must have walked about 6 kilometers on the beach today it was windy but a lovely day and no rain in the forecast. It started to get dark so we had to return to the RV and start supper and take the puppies out for another walk. When we plan to take a long walk we dont’ take the pups with us at this time of year as Mj has arthritis and Braxton well he just can’t take the cold weather. Our supper was put on hold when we found out at the last minute we had run out of water. We packed up and headed to the nearest watering hole to fill up the reservoir.
    While I waited I wire wrapped this gem I found today. I hope you like it as much as I do.  Just wondering, do you get to the beach often?


    Well I’m going to wrap it up there, it has been a day, Cindy


  • BetteJo says:

    I think the last time I was at the beach was about 7 years ago, when I went to Florida. Got a bunch of seashells but no sea glass!

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      The beaches have changed so much. I remember the shelling we could do years ago and there isn’t shells on the beaches like there used to be

  • charlene wakefield says:

    that is gorgeous!

  • Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful piece of glass! Our beaches have been well combed with all the tourists! I will have to head there in the winter as there is no snow and no tourists due to the chilly weather! Maybe Ill find a nice treasure!

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    SeaGlaSSing the Beach

    A short venture took us up to Nail Pond, the North Cape end of Prince Edward Island on another short beach adventure.  This was our first time staying over night with our (new to us)  Tenement on wheels. We have ventured to this end of the Island before however didn’t stay over night and had never had a coffee on the beach over looking the ocean in the wee hours of the morning. Life was grand, oh and so was the beach and others we met while out.

     A recent purchase of a traveling house on wheels took us there, equipped with food, place to sit and somewhere to sh__ and we were all set.  SeaGlass yes that is what took us there, we were in hunt of glass and some home away from home time.

    We woke early in the morning and walked the beach for hours at a time collecting seaglass with the rolling tide coming in and going out. In my opinion, it is best to walk the high tide line after the tide has gone out. However, others talk about searching for seaglass on a high tide, while others dig in rock piles. Everyone has there approach to combing the beach I like to walk a straight line up the beach and come back on another line. I’ve seen people walk to the water then back up to the tide line in a zig zag motion, while others will walk for 10 feet and come back looking in the same area with the sun in the opposite direction. Beachcombing, however and for whatever you look for it is an excellent way to pass time, relieve stress, meditate, or just ponder thoughts that need to be thunk through.

    Seaglass is my pleasure however I’ve bent down to pick up such things as marbles, bottle stoppers, doll parts, and rocks. I’ve noticed also that I seem to see the green and white sea glass more often than I see the brown, and I don’t see blue and red sea glass that often at all only due to the fact that they are rare pieces and not very common. On this venture I found a yellow piece of sea glass a few blue pieces and red, not a large piece but I found red.



    Braxton and Mj were our tag along and they enjoyed themselves out on the hunt as well. I’m sure Mj is a search for sea glass dog. Can it be a coincidence that she stopped short of a piece of sea glass not once but twice? I doubt, it.  They had the beach to themselves and found plenty to sniff, great distances to run and just tired themselves out doing it.

    It was coming onto 4 days we had been away and it weren’t for a new check-in at the Bed and Breakfast- Guy having a dentist appointment-it going to rain all day the day after I think we might just have stayed put and picked sea glass, washed and sorted it and amazed our memories with the view. 

     Each day we were amazed to wake up to such a beautiful sunrise and come the evening we were speechless to see such a show of colour in a sunset. We made a camp fire sat out and looked across the water at the glare coming from the setting sun. It was time to fold this up, make it a memory and turn home as the rain had started and we had  a bit of a drive ahead of us. 





    This was the sunrise in the morning  before we left. I know we came for sea glass but found just a bit more than that. 



    The ride home was a quiet one, not much was talked about and I listened to my book as Guy drove along.  Arriving home we had guests sitting in the driveway, hum it was 3:30 and they asked for a check-in of 8pm, good job we headed home when we did.

    It is thanksgiving weekend, time to spend with family and friend and reflect on what we are truly blessed for and thankful for.  I was told over and over this summer that I was a blessing to guests who visited the tea room and enjoyed themselves to no end and went home and wrote me emails telling me so, that feels good. Do you reflect on something that makes you feel good? You should… until the next time take care my friend

    Sea Glass Cindy







  • BetteJo says:

    I’m just all relaxed now having gone along on your mini-vaca – so refreshing!

  • wendy says:

    How beautiful! You are so lucky to find sea glass like that! (I have to buy mine and I’m pretty sure they are man made!) and your sunrises and sunsets are amazing! Love the little piece of red glass!

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Thank you, yes we are lucky to have such beaches around us. I’m missing the beach already and we have been only home 4 days

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    Time for a Wrap

    Hi!  Welcome to Scrap and Wrap my favourite pastime when I can escape life’s realities and be in my Bliss either Scrapbooking or Wire Wrapping.  

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    Today I’m going to be in the Island Made Gift Shop working on a new piece. It will probably have a piece of Cobalt Blue Sea Glass in it as this year I’m surprised by the number of people coming into the shop looking for Blue Sea Glass.   


    Here are a few pieces of Cobalt Blue Sea Glass that I wire wrapped lately.  One of the sides of the Blue Sea Glass had a sharp edge on it so I softened it by making the loops of the wire wrap on the sharp side hiding it and smoothing it off.  Do you know how old blue sea glass is? Well depending upon where it came from either a Noxzema Jar, or Milk a Magnesia,  perhaps it was an old Vic’s Vapor Rub Jar, it all had to wash back and forth with the salt, water, rocks and sand to become rounded and smooth and most of it takes around 30 years for a good piece to become perfect.

    Have you found any Blue Sea Glass lately? If so has it been larger than an eraser on the end of a pencil?  

    If you have time for a wrap today we are offering classes during our regular business hours where you can stop by, pick a piece of sea glass from the treasure chest and I’ll teach you how to wire wrap your piece. If you have found that special piece you like, bring it along and wrap it as well.

    See you soon,

    Sea Glass Cindy


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  • BetteJo says:

    Oh that looks like so much fun! (and on another note – look how thin your face is getting!)

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    Strawberry Craft Magnets

    So the town of Stratford in PEI was having a Strawberry Social last Saturday and if you set up a craft table related around Strawberries you could sell your wears and goods at no charge for the table.  

    I needed a Strawberry theme so I headed to the dollar store because I’m frugal and creative.  I found a bag of red peddles, a roll of magnetic strip, and one piece of green paper.  The total cost was $2.50 that’s frugal.

    I also had many hair clips at home so I turned the red peddles into strawberries, put black dots on them, glued a piece of magnet to the back and used my cricut cutter to cut the top of the strawberry from the cricut cartridge FROM MY KITCHEN.

    How do you like these Strawberries?

    I known! not exactly scrapbooking but close.  I used a red and white checkered table cloth, turned strawberry flowers into strawberries….yup it was a pretty good day.  Oh I almost forgot, I also took my treasure chest of sea glass with me, yup – un- huh

    This is the mother load, she was heavy

    treasure chest of sea glass

    It was a great day! I had a chair set up and people stopped by sat down, picked sea glass and I taught them to wire wrap the full morning. This is my idea of going to work and having fun with what you do. 

    Have a great weekend!

    Scrapbook Cindy


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    Red Hats’n Pins

    rss feed buttonHi!  Welcome to Scrap’n and Wire Wrap’n. If you are visiting for the first time, you might want to subscribe to Rss feed to get updates to my latest blog post.


    Well after considerable effort we have to announce our Red Hats’n Pins are finished, bagged, tagged and ready to be put out onto the shelf in The Island Made Gift Shop for $5 each. These are so cute and will wear so nicely for all your Red Hatter outings. A tiny pin at the back will ensure the little hats go along with you everywhere.

    Red hatter Pins

    Scrapbook with these Red Hatter tags

    Red hatter scrapbook tags

    Tags tags tags

    Red hat tag


    Red hatter gloves and shoes

    Purple and Red beads to make jewellery

    Purple and red beads to make jewelry

    A Pin, Red and Purple Bliss. 


    Cindy ~00~


  • BetteJo says:

    You are so clever! And not half bad at marketing too. Hope you’re feeling better – back to normal ..

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Well thank you! I’ve had three days of feeling not too bad adn a doctor’s appointment today who said I didn’t look too bad either. No normal will be a long way away yet, one more operation then another 4 or 6 weeks.

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    PE Island Scrapbook Page Layout

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    No, I’ve not been that busy that I have been kept away all this time, I’ve just been enjoying my garden and then pulling weeds at all other times. Yesterday I made 4 batches of strawberry jam with the berries from our garden.  Four batches will probably last us, oh about 3 weeks between our Trailside Bed and Breakfast and also serving along side a cream tea at Grandma’s Tea Room in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Busy busy busy, time for play.

    This is a new border I’ve been working on for the Island Made Gift Shop

    Border of Prince Edward Island

    I made borders with journaling boxes and then figured there is nothing for the other side of the page so I changed it up a little and took out the journaling box and added a thin border for the opposite page.  I know this idea is going to work better and seemed to get the impression that a number of others like it also as I was selling them as I was making them on the table and they hadn’t been bagged and tagged yet.  Ok, got to run and work on the next one… Anne of Green Gables border

    Happy Scrap’n,

    Cindy ~00~


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    The Sea Glass Lady

    Oh its true, I do, I love sea glass.  I love its colours, I love the hunt, I love the mystery of where it might have come from, I love journey it traveled to get to me, and I love transforming it into what it can be, I love working and wire wrapping it and I love that Sea Glass symbolizes me.

    I also love to get mail, especially when it is addressed to

    “The Sea Glass Lady”

    So what is sea glass? Well it is broken pieces of glass that has been washed over time by mother nature up onto the shores. Don’t be fooled because not any old piece of broken glass can be given the title “sea glass.”  It has to be over 30 years old rolling back and forth with the waves over salt, sand, and stone tumbling in the ocean for years making it smooth on all sides, until it is a nugget size just right for Jewel-quality.

    Textures will tell sometimes how old, or rare a piece of sea glass really is


    I ask the same question each time I reach on the beach for the sea glass nugget while beachcombing; What was your history…Come on tell me your story.  Were you a bottle, a vase, a dish, or a jar that held penny candy in a 5 & dime?  Who’s your owner? How far did you travel? How old are you? Or how did you end up on my little Island, Prince Edward Island?  How did you get to the ocean in the first place?  

    Cobalt blue sea glass identifies with a Noxzema jar, Milk of Magnesia, and Vick’s Vap-o-Rub bottles from early to mid 1900’s


    Oh so many questions and often no answers but sometimes Sea Glass can be identified by the markings, its colour, and sometimes shape.  I’ll have to settle with not having the full complete story on each piece of sea glass and leave some of the mystery to continue the story.

    Frosted white sea glass caged in silver wire wrapped for a pendent and ready for sale in

    “The Island Made Gift Shop”

    Sea Glass Bracelets $25 in the gift shop

    Sea Glass Rings are $7.95 in the Gift Shop

    The Island Made Gift Shop, 545 Malpeque Rd, (Route 2) Winsloe, PEI

     Thank you for stopping by my “Sea Glass Lady” blog post today. Remember if you are visiting Prince Edward Island make stopping by the Island Made Gift Shop (open hours) a thing to do while here on PEI. Guaranteed to be eye and purse pleasing as we have a lot of  Blissful sea glass jewelery, scrapbooking memorabilia all genuinely made in PEI and unique to Prince Edward Island. 

    Sea Glass Cindy



  • BetteJo says:

    I’m wondering if there are people who drop broken glass into the sea, knowing that someday, somewhere, it will wash ashore and bring wonder to someone else.

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Ya think? Ya there are people who seed the beach. Even if I find something not tumbled enough I’ll toss it back, but then I’ve picked it at the same location I tossed it.

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