Seaglassing & Wire Wrapping

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Christmas Scrapbooking & Seaglassing

Christmas Time 


definitely is the busiest time to be out and about.

Seems I’ve had to return to the store each day over the last 5 and each time saying this is the last time.

Over the last 5 days I’ve finished up a few Anne of Green Gables hats, bagged and tagged them and they are ready to be hung with the other Island Memorabilia in the gift shop.

scrapbooked anne of green gables hasts

My family tree at Christmas

Scrapbooking a tree ringed photo album

I had extra Christmas pictures and what better way to display them than on a family tree.

Seeing it is Christmas time and red is the reason to colour the season, I’ve chosen some red seaglass to share with you.

red seaglass


What a beautiful piece for sure, I’ll need to wrap it some day but today just as I found it


amazing piece of red wire wrapped seaglass

This red piece of seaglass to the left of the picture has got to be my most magnificent find ever

and the white seaglass is enhanced by the beauty red has to offer

wire wrapped seaglass red crystals

Well this is it my friends, it for another year.

It has been challenging but rewarding and fun.

Wishing you the very best Christmas.

Come back and visit me in the New Year.

Happy are those who scrapbook and wire wrap,





A Cup of Christmas

I looked through my collection of cups and didn’t find anything Christmassy, not a tea cup nor a coffee cup, hows that for a cup of Christmas?

bell cup The studio called me early this morning for I had a project and a mission in mind.  It is Christmas and to celebrate we share, care, and give blessings to one another.  I needed a Christmas coffee cup to share while scrapbooking but the thought of purchasing another cup, no way.  Good job I’m frugal Got to hurry Grandma is on duty at 8:15 this am.



This is my scrapbooked coffee cup I’m sharing today and it is lovely adorned with poinsettias and bells.


Christmas cup and saucer

Yesterday was a beautiful day on Prince Edward Island and my mind kept going back to what I was going to show for my hard work all week.  With my grand-daughter Ana around even scrapbooking has been a little bit of a challenge as she is at the age where, “I wanna do it.” So I have put a number of thing on the back burner so to speak.


Christmas SeaGlassOh, I was saying about the beautiful day yesterday and anyway a voice came to me, my husbands asking if we could go beachcombing as there might not be many days like this left.  I figured I’d think about my scrapbooking situation while driving in the car.  The colour is right and so I would like to share this piece of seaglass found on the beach here in PEI.


scrapbooking christmas mini album

Before I go I’d like to also share with you a scrapbooked mini tree that I have been working on all week. I had a gazillion pictures of the kids growing up. If you are anything like I am your pictures sit in a box year after year.  This year I wanted to share so I made a centre piece that stands 12 inches tall and has 5 rings down the spin, assortment of ribbons tied and all kinds of memories of Christmas past.


Thank you for joining me for a cup of Christmas. I’m having coffee this early morning and re-posting bits of scrapbooking.  Did you make any scrapbooking Christmas centre pieces for your table or perhaps you put all the pictures of Christmas in a box for next year. 

~ Scrapbook Cindy