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A Cup of Christmas

I looked through my collection of cups and didn’t find anything Christmassy, not a tea cup nor a coffee cup, hows that for a cup of Christmas?

bell cup The studio called me early this morning for I had a project and a mission in mind.  It is Christmas and to celebrate we share, care, and give blessings to one another.  I needed a Christmas coffee cup to share while scrapbooking but the thought of purchasing another cup, no way.  Good job I’m frugal Got to hurry Grandma is on duty at 8:15 this am.



This is my scrapbooked coffee cup I’m sharing today and it is lovely adorned with poinsettias and bells.


Christmas cup and saucer

Yesterday was a beautiful day on Prince Edward Island and my mind kept going back to what I was going to show for my hard work all week.  With my grand-daughter Ana around even scrapbooking has been a little bit of a challenge as she is at the age where, “I wanna do it.” So I have put a number of thing on the back burner so to speak.


Christmas SeaGlassOh, I was saying about the beautiful day yesterday and anyway a voice came to me, my husbands asking if we could go beachcombing as there might not be many days like this left.  I figured I’d think about my scrapbooking situation while driving in the car.  The colour is right and so I would like to share this piece of seaglass found on the beach here in PEI.


scrapbooking christmas mini album

Before I go I’d like to also share with you a scrapbooked mini tree that I have been working on all week. I had a gazillion pictures of the kids growing up. If you are anything like I am your pictures sit in a box year after year.  This year I wanted to share so I made a centre piece that stands 12 inches tall and has 5 rings down the spin, assortment of ribbons tied and all kinds of memories of Christmas past.


Thank you for joining me for a cup of Christmas. I’m having coffee this early morning and re-posting bits of scrapbooking.  Did you make any scrapbooking Christmas centre pieces for your table or perhaps you put all the pictures of Christmas in a box for next year. 

~ Scrapbook Cindy