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Gone to the Beach

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Gone to the Beach

thermometer indoor/ outdoorWhen someone mentions the phrase “gone to the beach,” you sort of think of beach towels, crowds and sunny days. On Dec 31 in Prince Edward Island, Canada the phrase gone to the beach paints a picture of cold, windy and ice caps on the water. What would drag you out of bed at 5:15 at a temperature of -5  to make a lunch and head to the beach? You guess it, Sea glass



Beachcombing in the Winter 

beachcombing in winterBaby its cold out there! So why bother? There are a couple of reasons one takes to the crisp cold sea shoreline of PEI in the Winter. First- it won’t be crowded, second- the beach won’t be picked over for seaglass, third- we are busy in the summer months and can’t always get to the beach to replenish our supply, and fourthly-  Winter tides are different and although there is no special time for collecting sea glass, it is said that winter is the best time of the season. Winter brings higher tides. The tides will bring about more sea glass onto the shore. winter beachcombing seaglassts always windy in PEI and so you don’t have a choice but a windy day is preferable  with more than thirty knots,  because the wind will expose sea glass from under the sand. That said be sure to search for sea glass in and around the high tide mark or line. Then if you add rainy to that windy day you will find only seasoned beachcombers collecting sea glass. Nevertheless, one needs a lot of seaglass to make a matching pair of earrings so I had better get rough and ready.

I’ll return later today with my winter seaglass finds and frost bit fingers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog post on Gone to the Beach, I hope you rather enjoyed what I endure just for glass, not just glass but Seaglass.

~ Seaglass Cindy