Seaglassing     Prince Edward Island, Canada
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Welcome to Seaglassing Prince Edward Island

For a small province on the East Coast of Canada Prince Edward Island is a great summer vacation spot with 690 miles of beaches to explore. A large quantity of seaglass has been found on the Island, so large that a lighthouse in the town of Souris is home to a sea glass museum. Prince Edward Island holds a sea glass festival in Souris each year where you will find me and sea glass vendors a like. For this years festival information go to the seaglass festival Souris, PEI.

On This Seaglassing Site

I'll show you where you can register an "Island Experience" learning to wire wrap seaglass and keep as a souvenir (when you come for a visit). Offer a blog with a photo gallery and ideas. Help you explore where to find sea glass on our beaches. And if you haven't found sea glass of your own you can check out our Gift Shop in PEI or shop on-line where you can buy handcrafted jewellery or seaglass in bulk, so stick around it's addictive.

Surf Tumbled Seaglass

PEI Seaglass PEI blue sea glass PEI green beachglass PEI clear beach glass PEI brown Seaglass

Our Island Made Gift Shop

Located beside the Confederation Trail is a shop called "Island Made" at Beside the Trail at 545 Malpeque Rd in Charlottetown is home to Cindy's Gift Shop. In the Island Made Gift Shop you will find wire wrapped pendants, bracelets, necklaces and seaglass items. Handpick surf tumbled seaglass from our treasure chest to wrap in our workshops, or fill a bag (due to lack of seaglass this year, we are limiting bulk sales) to turn into your own crafts or put in a jar and admire from your Island vacation..

Etsy Shop

Now you can visit some of my hand crafted seaglass online at Etsy Online Marketplace. My sea glass is genuine seaglass and hand picked by me on the shores of Prince Edward Island.

Wire Wrapping

View samples of my wire wrapping.

A pirate's chest is full of seaglass and sits high off the beach (in our gift shop) and is already dug out waiting of you to pick a genuine piece of PEI seaglass. Cindy as your pirate, will give you the tools and wire needed then instruct you step by step to learn how to wire wrap your seaglass into a pendant that can be worn as a necklace or put onto a key chain. Workshops daily with Reduced hours off season. For ages 8 to 60+ $25 per person. The gift shop sells tools, wire, and seaglass to many who want to become pirates of the sea and further their new hobby, or as souvenirs and gifts from the Island.

There is just something that makes you go, "hum!" when a smooth piece of seaglass, tumbled on the ocean floor for 30 to 40 years is held between your fingers.