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Sea glass & Red

My home surrounds me with things I enjoy most.  That takes in things I like to: wear, eat, see, smell  and craft. That said you know where my posts are going, well most of them might be going to crafting at my Scrap N wrap blog where I talk about beachcombing, wirewrapping and scrapbooking. Then other posts will come from my Hats’n Hospitalitea blog where I talk about our tea room, tourism, family, fun times and places in Prince Edward Island. So I hope you enjoy the home party that Sandi has created.

HOME = Heart Of My Enviroment #1

Recently home from a two week beachcombing vacation and I have lots of goodies to share.  First and foremost I love red, be it a sweater on a chilly day, wine in a nice glass, a red sky at night, but most of all I love red seaglass. I know you can’t see my pouting but I found but a grain of red sea glass on this last trip to the beach. I know, I know better a grain than a crumb. 





However I needed red and so I took red wire and made a weave then pulled it through a drilled hole and made the weave smaller and unique. I had to include sea glass and found this lovely white piece that was a nice size chunk, added some red wire and swarovski crystals and vola, it’s a wrap ready for the gift shop.  I’ve got a blue piece in the making and that is what I’ll share next.

Do you have something you would like to share? You are welcome to share anything pertaining to your HOME such as 

Cooking and baking, recipes, antiquing, home decor, ceramics, crafts, crocheting/knitting, quilting/sewing, floral arranging, gardening, homemaking tips, hospitality, refinishing furniture, renos, tea time, tablescapes, thrifting etc…. Maybe there’s a new baby in the family or you have a new fur baby you would like to introduce us to. They are welcome too!  Anything and everything which makes your HOME more enjoyable to come HOME to, for your family, your friends, and yourself.

Enjoying life, and the colour red today, Cindy

Scrapbooked Album Cover


Every year  customers come into the shop and the question I get asked most often is, “do you have any albums of PEI?”  Last year I covered a number of 12×12 album with a handmade paper covering the album with different medium.

It was a hit with the pictures of the lighthouse, lupin and walking on the beach, cut out paper shells, a hand written poem I made, and the many beach related punches of a lobster, shell, crab, anchor, seagull, starfish and a couple of stickers, I also like to use hemp to tie things up and sew in a sun.

Sorry the picture isn’t as clear as I’d like, but I left the album in the plastic sleeve when taking the picture.


That is all on scrapbooking a beach album cover, I hope you enjoyed my cover.


Sea Foam Sea Glass

I knew it, I knew it… was going to be a good day today especially when I find something as nice as this seaglass. Yup, I was doing a happy dance on the beach when this little gem stared up at me. I bent down and snapped it up quick before the next wave swallowed this special piece of sea foam sea glass.

 Grandpa and I have locked up the gift shop and changed the message on the phone to say, ” sorry we missed your call but we’ve gone beachcombing.”

We must have walked about 6 kilometers on the beach today it was windy but a lovely day and no rain in the forecast. It started to get dark so we had to return to the RV and start supper and take the puppies out for another walk. When we plan to take a long walk we dont’ take the pups with us at this time of year as Mj has arthritis and Braxton well he just can’t take the cold weather. Our supper was put on hold when we found out at the last minute we had run out of water. We packed up and headed to the nearest watering hole to fill up the reservoir.
While I waited I wire wrapped this gem I found today. I hope you like it as much as I do.  Just wondering, do you get to the beach often?


Well I’m going to wrap it up there, it has been a day, Cindy

SeaGlaSSing the Beach

A short venture took us up to Nail Pond, the North Cape end of Prince Edward Island on another short beach adventure.  This was our first time staying over night with our (new to us)  Tenement on wheels. We have ventured to this end of the Island before however didn’t stay over night and had never had a coffee on the beach over looking the ocean in the wee hours of the morning. Life was grand, oh and so was the beach and others we met while out.

 A recent purchase of a traveling house on wheels took us there, equipped with food, place to sit and somewhere to sh__ and we were all set.  SeaGlass yes that is what took us there, we were in hunt of glass and some home away from home time.

We woke early in the morning and walked the beach for hours at a time collecting seaglass with the rolling tide coming in and going out. In my opinion, it is best to walk the high tide line after the tide has gone out. However, others talk about searching for seaglass on a high tide, while others dig in rock piles. Everyone has there approach to combing the beach I like to walk a straight line up the beach and come back on another line. I’ve seen people walk to the water then back up to the tide line in a zig zag motion, while others will walk for 10 feet and come back looking in the same area with the sun in the opposite direction. Beachcombing, however and for whatever you look for it is an excellent way to pass time, relieve stress, meditate, or just ponder thoughts that need to be thunk through.

Seaglass is my pleasure however I’ve bent down to pick up such things as marbles, bottle stoppers, doll parts, and rocks. I’ve noticed also that I seem to see the green and white sea glass more often than I see the brown, and I don’t see blue and red sea glass that often at all only due to the fact that they are rare pieces and not very common. On this venture I found a yellow piece of sea glass a few blue pieces and red, not a large piece but I found red.



Braxton and Mj were our tag along and they enjoyed themselves out on the hunt as well. I’m sure Mj is a search for sea glass dog. Can it be a coincidence that she stopped short of a piece of sea glass not once but twice? I doubt, it.  They had the beach to themselves and found plenty to sniff, great distances to run and just tired themselves out doing it.

It was coming onto 4 days we had been away and it weren’t for a new check-in at the Bed and Breakfast- Guy having a dentist appointment-it going to rain all day the day after I think we might just have stayed put and picked sea glass, washed and sorted it and amazed our memories with the view. 

 Each day we were amazed to wake up to such a beautiful sunrise and come the evening we were speechless to see such a show of colour in a sunset. We made a camp fire sat out and looked across the water at the glare coming from the setting sun. It was time to fold this up, make it a memory and turn home as the rain had started and we had  a bit of a drive ahead of us. 





This was the sunrise in the morning  before we left. I know we came for sea glass but found just a bit more than that. 



The ride home was a quiet one, not much was talked about and I listened to my book as Guy drove along.  Arriving home we had guests sitting in the driveway, hum it was 3:30 and they asked for a check-in of 8pm, good job we headed home when we did.

It is thanksgiving weekend, time to spend with family and friend and reflect on what we are truly blessed for and thankful for.  I was told over and over this summer that I was a blessing to guests who visited the tea room and enjoyed themselves to no end and went home and wrote me emails telling me so, that feels good. Do you reflect on something that makes you feel good? You should… until the next time take care my friend

Sea Glass Cindy