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Crazy Over Blue SeaGlass

It never fails, I think I have wirewrapped enough seaglass for the Giftshop and all of a sudden it is the second week in July and people are asking for something I don’t got have.  This time it is Cobalt Blue Seaglass, what is it with everyone going crazy over blue seaglass this year?  I guess I just didn’t have enough pieces because early in the season they were all gone. I went digging in my reserves and started wirewrapping a few pieces, just to make a little headway.  Good job I found a very nice piece before boarding the Ferry for Nova Scotia Saturday as I found a good wrap for it.

This is a piece of fire glass, still cobalt blue seaglass but you can see it was melted to one side.


These other pieces I have been storing away in my collection.  They have a bit of a sharp edge to one side or the other and I took care when wirewrapping each piece to hid what the ocean forgot to smooth. 


That’s it I’m out of cobalt blue.  I’m either going to have to get back to beachcombing or start buying seaglass.  I’m thinking I’d rather be at the beach, bye for now.

happy hunting,

Antiqued Seaglass Necklace

We took another road trip and this time over to Nova Scotia in search of  Jewel of the Ocean, you guessed….seaglaass.

I have packed my tools and a small bag of seaglass, my table and a number of beads.  Is this going to be a workcation or a mini vacation?  I searched the shore while waiting for the Ferry at Wood Island, Prince Edward Island to board and cross over to Caribou, Nova Scotia.  I had good luck in a number of finds and now had to get myself back to the camper before the line started to move. 


The internet was slow on the ferry so I shut the lid on the computer and started to daydream.  Here we are on another road trip in search of seaglass.  Do I not have enough of the sparkly stuff?  Why continue to collect when so many others are doing the same thing and so many are wirewrapping these days.  Oh to do something different, I need to find a new look, a new design….but what?

We get up early the next morning and get out onto the beach, its windy, the waves are high and crashing the shore line and there isn’t any sun in sight.


As the sun comes up higher it is starting to look like it might turn out to be an ok day after all.  


I still can’t help thinking about a new design for my seaglass jewellery.  I search my mind attic for ideas and can only come up with a combination of all thing that I like jumbled together like, antique, copper, brass, charms, seaglass and steampunk.  I had fun creating that night and finding a new use for yet another way to reuse seaglass into jewellery. 

  the next day I could hardly wait for the sun to come up so I could take a few pictures and share my new necklaces.  What do you think, original? catchy? Do you think they will be a hit?

This one with the butterfly has to be my favourite.


The next one I did was with this little fairy, she is so cute.


I love the way I used the chain in this one.  I’m thinking of another design using seaglass and if it is another sunny day tomorrow I’ll have to share.
Time to hit the beach again before the sun goes down.