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Ghost Bead Necklaces

Ghost Bead Necklaces

The story of the Ghost Beads – Juniper Berries

Ghost Bead Necklace

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The juniper berry falls to the ground and when ants find these little seeds  they chew off the end and eat the inside of the berry. The Juniper berry is hollow easily to be dried out. Artisans make a hole in the opposite end of the berry and string them in harmony with nature to be worn to ward off evil spirits bringing the wearer protection and harmony.  The tradition holds a legend that the person given the necklace is protected from evil spirits, ghosts and of nightmares.


These beads are of nature and are a perfect gift if not to be worn these could be hung in your bedroom, reading place, work space or anywhere wishing to be at peace and with nature and harmony in life.

On my trip across Canada September 2014 I purchased strings of Juniper berries to make my necklaces in the Grand Canyon Region, a magnificent spot.

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