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News and what‘s new about seaglassing. Posts of events, happenings, workshops or I might even post about using a favourite tool.
Along the Prince Edward Island shores we find shards of seaglass and wire wrap them into treasured gifts.
Walking beside the ocean, hearing the waves, looking downward, picking what man has left behind and what nature has tumbled. Once sand now glass, once raw now wrapped, was mine, now yours.

Sea glass - beach glass - mermaid's tears - gems of the sea

Sea Glass Festival Prince Edward Island

Each year I think about joining in and setting up a table at the SEa Glass Festival. This year the festival is July 26th, to July 28th in Souris at the lighthouse. I’m going to visit on Friday night, take the camper and stay up in Souris this time. I have an odd piece of seaglass that I’d like the guest speaker Richard LaMotte to identify. So why am I not in the festival each year? Hum, good question I think I’d love to be and then we get busy with the Bed and Breakfast, guests coming in the Tea Room and time passes and I
get to about 2 weeks away from the festival and say, oh its too late again this year.

I hope to see you at the sea glass festival this year, remember it is being held at the lighthouse not wood Island this year.

Seaglass Cindy


  • BetteJo says:

    You are SO good at wrapping that glass!

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Thank you, I have taught about 300 people who have come through the gift shop in the last year now and a lot of them are selling now.

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    SuMMers are 4 BeachcoMbers

    beachcombing PEI

    There is plenty to like about the 4 seasons however there is more to do in only one of them. Winter months on Prince Edward Island are filled with snow and the days are long and the most enjoyment that can be had is only if you wear a one piece triple lined gear, drink hot cidar or moonshine and ride a snowmobile on the open trails. In the Fall a person could beachcomb, but why would you? Knowing all the beaches have been picked through by tourists and Island Seaglunkers. Summers, ya really, are you ready for this! the summer is the worse time to beachcomb. Yup beachcombing and summer just don’t mix, it is almost as bad as trying to make a balloon shaker and putting the rice in the balloon after you have blown it up. Our only excuse is we are busy with the Island Made Gift Shop and so we are not able to get to the beach in the summer time, oh well.

    Spring in PEI

    Spring time, now we are talking. In the Spring the roads in PEI heading to the beaches are still all mucky and not well traveled or not at all. These are clay roads we are talking and you could get your car tires stuck in the mud, its like walking in a full field of fresh cow patties, only a foot deep. However that is the best time to go beachcombing around here. No one is on the beach, its all yours and; every once in awhile you can catch a glimpse of an ice burg floating. The wind mixes with the sand on the beach and cuts into your skin as it hits. The beach is laced with mermaids tears, a drop here and there. Seaglass galore, and just waiting for you walking and picking. Kelly Green Seaglass

    I just love this picture

    clear white seaglass

    So look closely and search for seaglass

    seaglass of PEI

    Here are my latest pieces of joy

    a brown rounded piece of seaglass with pearls
    White seaglass often called White Milk Glass, often from cold cream jars

    white milk glass from cold cream jars
    A closer look of the milk glass

    wire wrapped milk bottle seaglass
    Brown thick rounded seaglass often from a Javex bottle

    Javex bottom bottle seaglass
    Yes, and I must not forget about Blue Willow Pottery

    Blue Willow Pottery wire wrapped and put onto a chairn

    I’m sort of scrapbooking today, filling an order for paper flower corsages that I sell on My shop is called ScrapandWrap and I’m trying to put a little more in my shop today. Trouble is I have two yuppie grand-baby girls with me today and all they want to do is have a tea party in Grandma’s Tea Room.

    Well, tomorrow is yet another day. Be sure my friends to live life to the fullest today and share the love you have in your heart with someone less fortunate.
    Seaglass Cindy


  • BetteJo says:

    Really? Not the summer?? That’s too bad, that’s when it’s nicest to be outside! Pretty pics and wire wrapping by the way. 🙂

  • Beautiful pieces of seaglass jewellery Cindy! I love the Blue Willow one and also the brown glass with the pearls. I must go visit your Etsy shop!! Pamela

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    Seaglunker at work

    Yesterday we had an amazing day of seaglunking (person who combs the beach in search of treasures left behind in the sea) the shores of Nova Scotia. I came onto a fabulous find when I found this thick rounded piece of brown bottle seaglass. This shouldn’t be ever referred to as beer bottle glass because it reaches deeper than a bottle of beer.  

    brown bottle seaglass

    This is brown bottle seaglass from a javex bottle. The purpose of the dark bottle was to hide the contents from light to prevent evaporation.  In 1913 the screw top was added and before that time it was a pop top. In  about 1940 the brown bottle of javex by the gallon sold for 18¢ in the general stores across the USA. Today after beachcombing this piece off one of the many beautiful shores of Nova Scotia this piece of seaglass wirewrapped will sell for $28. 


    brown wirewrapped seaglass


    I think brown thick seaglass could be one of my favourites. My next wrap will be a jewel from the Titanic in gunmetal wire. But for now I only have silver wire on the road with me. We are heading to Ontario to visit our folks for a few days then back to our little blue shack in the Maritimes before the middle of the month. 

    Thank you for stopping by,  Seaglass Cindy 




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    Seaglass Sensation

    I’ve been away from my blog and my seaglass and thought I’d give you a brief update just to what has kept me away.

    S = Surrounding myself with grandchildren who missed me while I was away.

    E = Etsy “New” an Etsy Shop that I so enjoyed building and now I have to find to add to the few items I have  listed, so much fun.

    A = Attending hospital visits with my son after his motorcycle accident.

    G = Grandma’s Tea Room, getting the little last minute menu items perfected.

    L = Looking at the long list of things I have to do yet.

    A = Agriculture, yup, rotor-tilling my daughters new garden bed.

    S = Sale, my first sale happened on Etsy only 2 days ago and is shipped. I have been making corsages and paper book roses.  Oh speaking of shipping, I need to order tea… back to the G= Grandma’s Tea Room. 

    S = Shopping for Victoria’s Wedding Shower Gift this Saturday.  No it isn’t Seaglass, she isn’t a fan of.


    Sneak Peek at the Necklace I made to go with my dress for Victoria’s Wedding 

    It will match perfectly with my new shoes and dress.

    Enjoy your days beachcombing, today won’t be one of those days unless I were to make a seaglass umbrella to hold over my head, lol.


    Seaglass Cindy



  • I can hardly wait to see the full dress ensemble with the necklace.

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      If you like, I can put it on this afternoon and we can turn the radio up loud and I’ll ask you for a dance.

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    Beachcombing my way

    Come to think of it the ice has just left some inlets on Prince Edward Island, so it must be time to go Beachcombing. 

    There is just something about the Beach that attracts an old Seaglunker like myself to the sea.

    It could be the sound of the waves. I hardly think so, it must be the seaglass treasures that wash up on the shore.

    PEI has many beaches, however the seaglass beaches are becoming few and far between.  I remember, it would be a few years back now, but we could sit in the shallow shores and with every wave that came in so did a piece of seaglass. Now, when I walk the beach we often stop to talk to others. You know the others, they are the seaglunkers like myself that don’t want to admit to being out after the same treasures that you are longing for yourself.  I’ve heard it all now, some say: “ah it’s good past time”,  or “we do this for our health”, some let on that “No, not looking for anything just getting some exercise”, while others say, “I collected it but throw it back when I find it”.   Today if someone asked me why I was on the beach, I’d say I was looking for inner peace and reflecting on the family’s and runners of the Boston Marathon who suffered injury from a senseless bombing. 

    If you are walking on the beaches in PEI chances are you have your arms crossed behind your back, your head it down and you are passing back and forth like your looking for something, and that would be seaglass. These guys have become  quite the hunters of sea glass. Often MJ will sit down, we might have been fooled a few years ago thinking she is tired but now we know she has found a piece of seaglass. Usually 9 chances out of 10 when we walk over to her there is a piece within a foot of where she is. It is pretty bad when you beachcomb so often that your dogs know what you are looking for and try and help you out. 

    Braxton is on the lookout.

    This is the Bride’s Seaglass Necklace I priced and put on the shelf today

    I’ve taken to doing a little different style of wire wrapping called a Viking Knit, I like it.


    A simple Seafoam Seaglass Pendant 

    This pink nugget made for a lovely pendant 

    Kelly Green Seaglass has got to be my favourite all time colour to wire wrap into a pendant

    I haven’t decided to price this Cobalt Blue piece yet, I’m not ready to part with it yet,  I think!

    This was a fun piece of seaglass to wire wrap, clear and fancy free

     Well that is it. These days I’m waiting for the nicer weather, organizing the gift shop and working on opening my Etsy Shop.  I’ll have more to say on that later when I get a few more numbers added.  
    Do you get the chance to walk the beach where you live?

    Have a good week, Cindy 

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  • BetteJo says:

    Beach? Lake Michigan? Not often. And I have a feeling you’re more likely to find garbage than pretty sea glass but then again – I don’t really go.
    Checked out your Etsy shop – looks like you’re off to a nice start! And I wish I’d known – I would have asked you how to do those boutonnieres when my daughter got married! The ones we made didn’t last the night. 🙂

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    Gunmetal Wire Wrap Sea Glass

    Wow! I just realized how long it has been since I blogged last

    I’ve been making a lot of progress building for the shop for this upcoming season.  I’m on the road, yes we are living out of our RV these days and have been since November 7th about. The work space is rather small and I’m feeling like I should have more than the 86% of the dash but then I really shouldn’t be so bossy after all I do need a driver to get me around.

    Did I ever tell you how much I like the gunmetal wire?

    IT is amazing, colour and results are amazing as well

    This is a prototype I made this week

    I added pearls, brown and white sea glass and a few beads

    I like to mix wire and sea glass

    I think the gunmetal wire looks amazing on the brown sea glass, don’t you?

    The darker pearls really add to this piece. I am hoping to wear it to my daughter’s wedding this coming August, with a tan/coffee coloured dress

    In Eastport Maine I found these bricks that have been washed by the waves and I like the look they have with the silver wire so I made a necklace and earrings to match, do you like them?  It is amazing what the sea gives back to you

    Well our adventure is almost at an end. Our grand-son Logan is going to be here in 10 days and it is time we left Orlando and headed back North to see Jennifer and scrapbook an album of Logan.  I hope to return and show you a few scrapbooked pages before heading home to Prince Edward Island.

    xoxo, Cindy


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  • BetteJo says:

    Wow – those are some beautiful pieces!

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    Sea Glass Pirates

    We are still beachcombing for sea glass. Today as we sit at Panara Bread and use the internet I have to tell you that the Cheese Broccoli soup is slap your mamma good!   Headed to the Aquarium, The Pirates Museum, and Shipwreck Museum along with visiting one of the oldest grave sites around this area.  Arrr! these pirates are in search of SeaGlass

    Maybe today we will be landlocked and we will have to look at old pictures of sea glass instead of searching.  Having a grand day.

    Happy New Year, Cindy


  • Dana Caffrey says:

    Beautiful sea glass! I’m excited to see how you will work on these cute stuffs. Looking forward to read more from you, and I hope the next time I visit your page I can see some amazing works.

  • Cindy says:

    Lovely, need to find more time to wire wrap and seaglass

  • BetteJo says:

    Hope you had that soup in a bread bowl – pretty awesome!

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    Sea Glass Collected for Production

    I love taking pictures of SEa Glass.

    This collection is for my next production


    seaglass cindy


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    Making Jump Rings

    We are having a bit of cool weather so I’m going to stick to in-door work today. Grandpa is outside working on a bench for the Grand-children. It’s to cold for me so I’ll stay inside and get some work done. I’ve been tinkering with one thing or another just making one piece of jewellery or another but never finishing off any one piece. 

    First I’ll need to make a few jump rings to go with the piece I”m making. You can use anything you want for jump rings in fact as you see I scrambled out the back door to check on grandpa and borrowed a drill bit out of his drill box. The other larger size is a piece of  wooden dowel that belongs to the grand-children’s play doh set and is for rolling the dough.

    With a closer look you can see that I tightly wire wrapped the wire around the drill bit and then pulled it off keeping the coil together. I then took my wire cutters and cut individual rings one after the other until I had a good number of them cut to finish my necklace.




    I just need to say I got the piece done and it is a choker. Looks lovely as I did a viking knot stitch around a beautiful piece of light green sea glass then made my links and attached then with the jump rings I just finished.

    Here are the links, I made large ones and smaller ones

    Now I need to move on to other pieces that I’ve started and didn’t finish

    I should pick one day out of the week and reserve that day for catching up. I love to create and when I get a new idea I go with it. That said I have many pieces that need some finishing touches.

    Have a great day, Seaglass Cindy




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    SeaGlassing Old Clay Pipe

    This has got to be my favourite find of the week. I have found clay pipe stems dated back to the 1800’s and looked up the story on them and was amazed to find out the history behind a clay pipe stem. Back in late 1700 and early 1800’s people used to smoke clay pipes, then break off the bit of the stem their mouths had touched, and pass the pipe onto the next person so he could use it. The broken-off bit would be tossed into the ocean and over time these clay stems wash ashore, rounded with the while still inside. The pipe stems are easy to find, the hand forged clay bowls break and are not so easily to find. Either way I was doing a happy dance on New Dorp Beach after I bent down and picked it up.

    Speaking of New Dorp Beach did I happen to tell you that we ended up there after leaving Prince Edward Island? We found folks that needed help and seeing we had a little bit of time on our hands we felt the need to volunteer our time and hang our hat in camp; organizing the supply tents, caring for folks and doing what we do best in the cook tent. 








     The big deal of all this was the sea glass just behind where we set up camp on the waterfront and the amount of seaglass that had come ashore in the Hurricane with storm Sandy. We would venture out early morning and pick sea-glass, run over to the cook tent and get the coffee on then back to our RV and wash sea glass. I took those pieces of seaglass and wire wrapped them into pendents and gave them out to the locals and volunteers of Occupy Sandy. What a souvenir and a reward to give back to the community what the ocean gave up.

     Take care,





  • Cheryl Chamberlain says:

    Hi Cindy, Do you have your Etsy shop up and running yet? Let me know when you do!! I found that the Etsy set-up was very user-friendly with easy-to-follow steps.
    Good Luck!

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      You found…. I’m on the road in Orlando visiting and waiting for my new grand-son to be born, Etsy will have to wait a bit longer

  • Lana says:

    How do I order some of your creations? Bee-U-tee-FULLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      I’m building on an Etsy account right now, I’m finding more time to do other things though as we haven’t had a sunny day with natural light so I could take some nice pictures.

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  • BetteJo says:

    Oh that’s such a wonderful thing to do. You got me all sniffly here.

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