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SuMMers are 4 BeachcoMbers

beachcombing PEI

There is plenty to like about the 4 seasons however there is more to do in only one of them. Winter months on Prince Edward Island are filled with snow and the days are long and the most enjoyment that can be had is only if you wear a one piece triple lined gear, drink hot cidar or moonshine and ride a snowmobile on the open trails. In the Fall a person could beachcomb, but why would you? Knowing all the beaches have been picked through by tourists and Island Seaglunkers. Summers, ya really, are you ready for this! the summer is the worse time to beachcomb. Yup beachcombing and summer just don’t mix, it is almost as bad as trying to make a balloon shaker and putting the rice in the balloon after you have blown it up. Our only excuse is we are busy with the Island Made Gift Shop and so we are not able to get to the beach in the summer time, oh well.

Spring in PEI

Spring time, now we are talking. In the Spring the roads in PEI heading to the beaches are still all mucky and not well traveled or not at all. These are clay roads we are talking and you could get your car tires stuck in the mud, its like walking in a full field of fresh cow patties, only a foot deep. However that is the best time to go beachcombing around here. No one is on the beach, its all yours and; every once in awhile you can catch a glimpse of an ice burg floating. The wind mixes with the sand on the beach and cuts into your skin as it hits. The beach is laced with mermaids tears, a drop here and there. Seaglass galore, and just waiting for you walking and picking. Kelly Green Seaglass

I just love this picture

clear white seaglass

So look closely and search for seaglass

seaglass of PEI

Here are my latest pieces of joy

a brown rounded piece of seaglass with pearls
White seaglass often called White Milk Glass, often from cold cream jars

white milk glass from cold cream jars
A closer look of the milk glass

wire wrapped milk bottle seaglass
Brown thick rounded seaglass often from a Javex bottle

Javex bottom bottle seaglass
Yes, and I must not forget about Blue Willow Pottery

Blue Willow Pottery wire wrapped and put onto a chairn

I’m sort of scrapbooking today, filling an order for paper flower corsages that I sell on My shop is called ScrapandWrap and I’m trying to put a little more in my shop today. Trouble is I have two yuppie grand-baby girls with me today and all they want to do is have a tea party in Grandma’s Tea Room.

Well, tomorrow is yet another day. Be sure my friends to live life to the fullest today and share the love you have in your heart with someone less fortunate.
Seaglass Cindy

Seaglunker at work

Yesterday we had an amazing day of seaglunking (person who combs the beach in search of treasures left behind in the sea) the shores of Nova Scotia. I came onto a fabulous find when I found this thick rounded piece of brown bottle seaglass. This shouldn’t be ever referred to as beer bottle glass because it reaches deeper than a bottle of beer.  

brown bottle seaglass

This is brown bottle seaglass from a javex bottle. The purpose of the dark bottle was to hide the contents from light to prevent evaporation.  In 1913 the screw top was added and before that time it was a pop top. In  about 1940 the brown bottle of javex by the gallon sold for 18¢ in the general stores across the USA. Today after beachcombing this piece off one of the many beautiful shores of Nova Scotia this piece of seaglass wirewrapped will sell for $28. 


brown wirewrapped seaglass


I think brown thick seaglass could be one of my favourites. My next wrap will be a jewel from the Titanic in gunmetal wire. But for now I only have silver wire on the road with me. We are heading to Ontario to visit our folks for a few days then back to our little blue shack in the Maritimes before the middle of the month. 

Thank you for stopping by,  Seaglass Cindy